Kevin and I worked together on the Aircell Message Protocol. Kevin has an in-depth understanding of a wide-variety of software technologies and systems design approaches. He also has a thirst for excellence that allows him to develop quality systems that integrate well together. His ability to have a clean system vision helped to guide our project to a successful implementation.

Paul Zajac

Kevin worked on an industrial class wireless router design with me. His
work was always well thought out, quick, and thorough. He fixed and
redesigned the boot process, the firmware upgrade design, the watchdog
design, and ported Open WRT onto the Cavium processor. To replace a third
party software stack that was inadequate during the Open WRT port, he
worked through a variety of driver problems for the Broadcom ethernet
switch and PCIe peripherals. He was completely engaged in the success of
the project making a variety of suggestions on solving thermal design and
throughput performance issues. He was the first person I thought of for
further work as a wireless networking expert.

Steve McMeekin

As a Product Manager, having a high performing team is essential to developing and delivering quality products. Kevin is a high performing and very competent engineer. He joined a product team of mine and at a critical time and delivered solutions – fixing and resolving problems in a complete and timely manner.

Kevin knows his stuff and communications clearly. I would enjoy having Kevin work with me in the future.

Brad Gilbert